¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ event and booking agency

by berneoptimist


sylvesterparty 2012/13

hotel-gurten-kulm berne

all-night-long dj gig with dinner and family-visitors

chillout, pop, rock, hits-medley and midgnith countown



olmo-store berne-city 2002-2013

3 hours window-licker-show; indoor@shop: twice@month

chillout, elektro-funk, detroit-techno, clubhouse

minimal dezibel-level; costumers-friendly




mokka club thoune 1997-2011

outdoor; summerdance-chillout-sessions

indoor; club-gigs with guests: deetron, soleyu,

marcoselectrica, maroove, vision-e, jet k voxton



mariage-event; kehrsatz, berne 2012

outdoor, chillout-background dj-gig….



freie-buehne-bern 2003-2005

co-innovater; underground-party-room: oldtown berne

openstage, art-gallery, rent-a-room, concerts, dj-gigs,

afterhours, outdoor-partys, member-ship



electronic-freedom-sessions 1-40 (1998-2001)

my first partyserie@badbonn duedingen switzerland

e.f.30 liveact-support by bigeneric ( marco repetto)
partnership with djs chen-sen + m.s.buzek
artwork + flyers by chen-sen




berneoptimist-sessions 1-28 (1995-2013)

party-sessions@les amis wohnzimmer, berne

hostet by tini b. and soleyu

with guests: diego hostettler, vision-e, marcoselectrica,

nino zolo, dan + alain80, soulfood, flavio